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Tinder is available for Cash Payments in Brazil


Tinder is extremley popular in Brazil specialy in nowadays with social distance and isolation people tend to seek new entertrainment and apps that helps to meet new people virtually.

During the quaretne tinder had over 3 billion swips  between like and dislike reaching highest peak. 

Majority of Tinder user if want to upgrade their account need to make purchase with credit card as solo option. 

Now you can upgrade your account in Tinder using alternative payments in Brazil such as Boleto, a popular payment method in the region.

Bside boleto Tinder is available to place order and make payment in any loterica in Brazil. 

To acess Tinder content and place an order need just acess into SmileOne:


Select option Loterica and go to the nearst loterica to make the payment. 

For who is aware what is loterica, loterica is like 7 Eleven convience store, where most of Brazillians are used to go to pay their bills. Over 50 thousants lotericas around Brasil makes one of most sucessfull dsitribution points for reselling. 

This new possibility will open doors for many who wanna use cash payment in Tinder.  


Brazil: FinTechs vs the Traditional Banking Model


Brazil: FinTechs vs the Traditional Banking Model

Five ways FinTechs better meet the needs of e-commerce

A population that exceeds 200 million habitants, 150 million Internet users and particularly high Interest rates. All the conditions are met for Brazil to become the new Eldorado of financial companies, regardless of their different working methods.

For some years now, thanks to the growing Brazilian e-commerce market, new financial institutions have appeared. We call them FinTech companies. These modern institutions, accessible by a simple mobile application, compete today with traditional banks. This may seem illogical on the surface, but Thanks to the scale of electronic commerce, these companies give several advantages that classic financial enterprises don’t offer.

Why FinTech are so successful? Why these institutions are attracting more and more merchants? This is what we will try to find out in this article.




1.   Cyber Security and Data Protection

In an online financial transaction, security is the most important thing.

To answer the growing stake of the lack of confidence of the users in the financial institutions, the FinTech hold the advantage of biometrics and cryptography.


2.   Cheaper Service

The transaction costs less when you go through a FinTech rather than a bank. The reason is simple: unlike traditional banks, FinTech do not have to employ thousands of people spread over a large number of agencies and spend billions on wages and premises.


3.   Reach more Customers

FinTech companies are reinventing online payment rules.

With these institutions, e-commerce is no longer reserved for customers who have a bank card or even a bank account. A variety of payment methods are available to your customers. So you can boost your Sales with these Alternative Methods very popular in Brazil and Latin America in general.

Click here for more information about Alternative Methods in Brazil.



4.   Simplicity and Transparency

FinTech companies use very simple process for transfers and payments. You don't need to be a financial professional to calculate the cost of the transfer. No more bureaucracy, endless forms and complicated procedures.

Free tutorials and demonstrations are often offered, to guarantee total transparency, and every phase of the financial operation is simplified, accelerated, and supercharged


5.   Less Mistakes and a Better Quality of Service

Traditional banks are still grappling with legacy infrastructure, On the other hand, FinTechs are always looking for the best technology. This is the reason for the faster rate of functioning.

Incorporating these technologies leads to reduces errors, guarantees quality of service and provides fast service in a shorter time.

Thus, the success of FinTech seems to be due to the fact of proposing something radically different from what a bank does. They succeeded in deeply modifying a financial model that everyone believed invariable.


12 June 2020

Sabrina Khach

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The importance of Brazil's relief package in the Enconomy


Brazil goverment approved a emergency package relieve with partnershipp with Bank Caixa to deliver a lower house approved an emergency salary of 600 BRL for informal workers and disabled people. 

This project should cost the gobverment 43 billions in 3 months and will have a direct impact over 24 millions workers and people. 

This is extreme important in Brazil scenary, since in Brazil estimate to have around 42 million informal works or self-employed people and which largely of this population does not have a bank account. 

Since most of the population in order to receive this relieve allowance will need a bank account, Bank Caixa owned by goverment created a Debit Online Account as a solution. With this debit online the users will be able to receive this relieve package and use in the internet purchases. In other words we are having instead new 24 million "bank" users with power to purchase. 

In this sense Pagsmile connected directly with Caixa and is accepting process the payment trough this online debit card which reaches almost 1/4 of population in Brazil. 

This stimulo will be crucial for many familiy and enconmic during this recession dual the corona virus.  

Alternative Methods in Brazil to boost your Sales


Pagsmile is a international payment facilitador which helps companies who is looking to enter into Latin America.

Brazil is the biggest market in Latin America and many opportunities await to be explored in this market. 

Brazil have a population over 209 million and with 45 million people without bank account. Means almost 1/4 of Brazillians still use cash as their main payment method during a purchase.  

In this sense Pagsmile developed some unique solutions to improve and make user experience much better when comes to cash payment. 

Bellow we separated 3 solution developed in house:

Fast Boleto

Boleto represent 40% of online sales, is one of the major payment method in Brazil and very popular among the population. The problem of this method is the time of consiliation which takes 2-3 working days to get payment compensated. In this sense Pagsmile developed directly a integration with local banks to make this conciliation time only within 2 hours.  


Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOCqKmSla5o&feature=youtu.be


Loterica is a small stores autorized by goverment to make payment of water, eletricity and majority of the boletos. Also is a place where people make purchase of official goverment lotteries. It's extremely popular among the Brazillians and amost every corner in the streets of Brazil have loterica. It's so popular that most of small cities in Brazil relay on those points to make payment intead of the bank. Pagsmile made possible to connect loterica as your point of sales. So end user can generate a order and go loterica to make payment. Compensation within 1 hour. 


Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piwC0X1zmoA&feature=youtu.be

Deposit / Transfer Express

Deposit  & Transfer Express coveres sales online and offline channels. Users have freedom to choose where he has acess and make a deposit or a transfer. After transfer or deposit been made the payment is confirmed within 2 hours.


Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfbNVPceQh4&feature=youtu.be

All these alternatives payment have improve significantly the user experience during process. Which brings the instapayment concept. User no longer need to wait until 2 working days to get their product or service after using cash payment. 

Also with Lotopay Merchants are able to increase points of sales for any product and services by given more acessibility to end users. [

For inquiries send us an email: [email protected]

Central Bank of Brazil step into QR solution creating a standard.


Couple of weeks ago despite the outbreak of Corona Virus the Central Bank of Brazil has announced a new national QR code standard meant to help make mobile payments more transparent and efficient. Improving the real time transactions and make universal for all plataform the standard.

The financial authority has stated that the purpose of the national QR code standard, which was dubbed BR Code, is to achieve a method of universal usage. The idea is to create a standardization comparable to what exists in conventional payment terminals. Those terminals already accept a number of different types of payment technology, including cards, chips and tags, and even devices. Mean finalliy Brazil will push forward to cashless solutions and make a big jump into digital payment plataforms with instant payment. 

The national QR code standard will also allow the same barcode to be used for a range of purposes.

This unveiling is only the latest in a number recently made by the central bank in the country. In addition to the quick response code regulations, the central bank also launched an instant payments platform in February 2020. All this was a component of a broader innovation program meant to completely update and refresh Brazil’s existing financial system. Brazil fintech industry is largest by far in Latin America and have been catching world attention with some invations companies that became unicorns in recent year. It is a very hot market for fintech industry and still have many opportunity unexplored. 


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