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Pagsmile Online Video Games Solution

Reach more gamers, maximize approval rates and provide a smooth payment experience in LatAm.

We are gamers ourselves and we take pride in caring for our community by providing access and engagement. Join Pagsmile, the leading payment provider for online video games merchants in Latin America!

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Latin America is a huge opportunity if you have the right solution

Latin America has 33 countries, each with its own regulation, and 110M gamers which can require great costs in integrations and licenses for those who operate in the region. The unbanked population is diminishing thanks to innovation in the financial industry but there is still a long way to go. Still, even the 19% of consumers who own a credit card, when shopping in international websites, the approval rates tend to be lower.

Upgrade your online video games business in Latin America with us

We'll provide your business with connections with local acquirers, diverse payment channels, localization market expertise and consulting, localized customer service for your gamers, fraud and risk management and more.

For any market strategy, we've got you covered: pay-to-play, download-to-own or subscription online video games businesses are all supported Pagsmile's payment solution.

Payments for Latin American gamers

Provide the best user experience for your customers by letting them pay for games and in-game items with local payment methods.

With local processing you will increase your approval rate while maintaining a low chargeback rate.

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Localized fraud prevention capabilities

Fraudulent activity in Latin America is an issue we address by being PCI compliant and integrated with industry recognized partners in the region. Our fraud prevention solution guarantees your operation's safety in all purchase steps with state of the art technology and database.

Avoid all kinds of fraud and chargebacks to your online video games business with one API.

Subscription support

Freemium or free-to-play model is the most common business strategy in Latin America.

With recurring payments and a modern payment solution your business can accommodate diverse subscription models and convert freemium gamers to premium.

Never worry about card approval rates again

About 50% of the market share in the region is paid by credit Cards. Pagsmile has direct connection with local acquiring in Latin American countries to ensure better approval rates for your business.

Payout: Pay championships, prizes and gamers

The E-sports audience in LatAm has reached 55M, with online championships engaging gamers like never before.

Pay the winners in a fast and easy way with Pagsmile's payout solution.

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Expand into the Latin American market

Of the 600M population in Latin America, 266 million are active gamers.

Brazil's $1.45 billion annual online video games revenues is 40% mobile.

Every day 66% of Argentine gamers play games on their mobile devices.

With 61,6M gamers in Mexico, the industry generated a revenue of US$ 1.2B in 2020.

Colombian users are expected to reach 11 million by 2025.

The chilean player base could grow up to 4.2mi by 2025, with a current ARPU of US$16.85 in 2020.

Expand into the Latin American market


Latin American consumers love installments because they can make orders of higher amounts and pay monthly

Retry logic

If a purchase is not confirmed, we give it a second shot based on internal data

Flexible and convenient integration

Your company has multiple ways of accepting Latin American payments using the solution that best fits your business model.

Refund System

Manage all refunds on our Dashboard, ensuring great user experience.

Conversion rates

Our seamless checkout guarantees better conversion rates with no offsite redirecting

A few more cards up your sleeve when serving the LatAm online video games community with us

With our deep local knowledge, we'll create a localized payment strategy and provide all the support you need to engage and enlarge your customer base.

Customer Support

A local team serving customers in their local language and time zone in multiple channels.

Marketing strategies

We have a dedicated local marketing team, closely partnered with online video games influencers and KOLs.


Acquire and keep new users with campaigns and communication crafted for the online video games community. Be part of the cashback program and start to offer cashback as a business strategy.

Localization consulting

We can support you in localizing your payment strategy, your website, using our expertise in the local language and currency.