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Argentina Local Payment Methods

Reach new consumers


Why enter Argentina?

Argentina, a vibrant e-commerce market, is undergoing a digital revolution. With 70% of its active population online, the country is adopting various payment methods.

The e-commerce sector, growing at an impressive 19% annually, reflects the dynamic change in consumer behavior.

This growth is driven by a mix of traditional and digital payment solutions, satisfying the varied preferences of Argentine consumers.

Source: Statista and JPMorgan


$7 billion in e-commerce sales revenue

70% of Argentina’s population has internet access.

The e-commerce sector in Argentina is growing at an annual rate of about 19%.

E-commerce transactions by payment method

  • Cards
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfers
  • Digital Wallets and Other

Pagsmile payment solutions in Argentina

Pago Fácil

Pago Fácil stands as a popular choice among Argentinians, especially for those preferring cash transactions. It represents a significant portion of e-commerce payments, offering convenience and accessibility across a wide network of locations.


RapiPago serves as a key player in Argentina’s payment landscape, offering a reliable and widespread service for cash-based transactions. Its extensive reach makes it a preferred option for consumers not using banking services.


Khipu is emerging as a favored digital payment solution, especially for tech-savvy consumers. It simplifies transactions by directly linking to bank accounts, offering a seamless and secure payment experience.

Debit & Credit Cards

Credit cards, led by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, are pivotal in Argentina’s e-commerce. They account for a substantial share of online transactions, offering security and convenience to a tech-savvy consumer base.


AstroPay caters to a growing segment of digital consumers, offering a versatile and user-friendly digital wallet. It’s particularly appealing for those seeking quick, secure online transactions without traditional banking.

Online Banking

Online banking, a cornerstone in Argentina’s digital payments, offers consumers a secure and convenient way to transact. It’s increasingly popular for its ease of use and integration with various e-commerce platforms.

Debin y Transferencias 3.0

Debin and Transferencias 3.0 are revolutionizing bank transfers, making them instantaneous and more user-friendly. They are increasingly adopted for e-commerce, appealing to consumers who prioritize security and speed in transactions.