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Central American Local Payment Methods

Reach new consumers

Central Americas

Why enter the Central Americas?

With the increase in revenue, expansion of the middle class, and 60% of the population with internet access, Central America is seeing the demand for international online shopping skyrocket.

Source: Statista and JPMorgan

5.4Bn in e-commerce sales revenue

280M online transactions

2% B2C e-commerce share of GDP

E-commerce transactions by payment method

With Pagsmile you can reach 98% of the market, offering local bank transfers, voucher payments, e-wallets and credit/debit cards

Pagsmile payment solutions in Central America


Cash payments continue to be among the most important within the countries of Central America. SafetyPay offers extensive coverage within the region through some of the largest banks and collection centers in each country.

Local Credit Cards

With local processing, you accept payments from the Peruvian population that already owns a credit or debit card, and consequently increase your sales in the country.