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Credit cards in Brazil

Increase your credit card approval rates in Brazil with local acquiring.

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Process payments like a local

In 2020, in Brazil, a Statista research showed the online shopping revenue amounted to 24.4B, twice as much as two years earlier. Without a local payment strategy, it is almost impossible to succeed in the country since only 14% of Brazilians have access to international credit cards that are enabled to process foreign currencies.

Mastercard and Visa still dominate the market, while local credit card schemes keep growing their market share. Usage is rising firmly over the years, totaling around 100 million active credit cards.

With our local acquiring solution, your customers' credit card approval rate will increase to ever new heights.

Local acquiring

International and domestic card schemes
Transaction fee + FX
Direct connection to local acquirers, higher approval rates.
Localized UX, bringing comfort and confidence to the customer
Offer recurring billing and installments
Users see the price in any currency and pay according to their preference
Companies can reach all of the market by offering all local payment methods

International acquiring

International schemes only
Interchange fee + International acquirer fee + International service assessment + scheme standard assessment
Higher refusal rates due to the lack of customer information
Language barrier and lack of localization
No recurring billing or installments
Buyers can only in the currency from the merchant's country
Limited to a tiny part of the population and no localization

Higher tickets with installments

When using a credit card or a boleto for online purchases, Latin American e-shoppers often pay with installments due to the economic standards.

Our domestic and international credit cards partners

The best user experience with no redirection.

Supported Credit Cards

How it works

The customer selects Credit Cards as the payment method.
The customer fills in the Credit Card Information.
Payment confirmation is sent in real-time to the customer.

Benefits of accepting credit cards

Higher Approval Rates

Your business has better approval rates with local acquiring.

Simpler shopping experience

Support recurring payments, via card tokenization, and pre-authorization.

Diminished Chargeback risk

Count on Pagsmile technology for advanced anti-fraud strategy.

Optimized Billing Description

In order to reduce chargebacks.

Retry Logic

Advanced AI technology to augment approval rates

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