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What is PSE

It is time to reach more online buyers in Colombia.

Users can pay directly from their bank accounts.

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How PSE works

The customer journey:

Select PSE on the checkout page
Be redirected internet banking website
Input purchase details
The transaction is confirmed immediately.

The TOP 1 alternative payment method for Colombian consumers

Pagos Seguros en Línea (PSE) is the preferred alternative payment solution in Colombia. It was developed by ACH, which monitors and controls automated transactions between banks and financial institutions in the country.

At PSE’s interface, the consumer is redirected to their internet banking and can realize the transaction in real-time, without needing a credit card.

With Pagsmile you can localize your payment strategy for the Colombian market

Pagsmile localized solution covers all the bases to sell in Colombia, from payment processing, payment methods, partner connection, market expertise, fraud prevention, compliance & regulation.


Real-time confirmation

An alternative payment with real-time confirmation for you and your customers.

Security for you and your customer

Allow Colombian shoppers to make the payment directly on their online banking, an environment that they trust, and don’t worry about chargebacks.

Diversify your payment strategy

The Colombian payment landscape is diverse and there many popular payment options, add alternative payments, and reach more customers.

Payment methods in Colombia
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