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What is TrueMoney

Reach 20 million active users in Thailand

TrueMoney is a mobile wallet which can be loaded via bank transfer or cash in many stores. It allows customers to pay bills, top up mobile phones, make money transfers and pay via barcodes at participating merchants.

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How TrueMoney works

The customer journey:

Choose TrueMoney e-wallet in the check-out
Enter credentials and PIN

Accept TrueMoney with Pagsmile

Pagsmile offers the following with our TrueMoney integration:

Processing currencies
Settlement currencies
Partial refunds
Multiple partial refunds
Recurring transactions

Gain your Thai customers’ trust and increase your sales

At a valuation of $1.5 billion, TrueMoney users in Thailand have grown from 17 million in early 2021 to 20 million as of now, while the transactions of its online payment use case surged over 75%. There are approximately 88,000 TrueMoney agent networks.

Its total payment volume stood at $14 billion in 2020 across the six countries in Southeast Asia, representing 84% growth between 2019 and 2020.

Offer TrueMoney in Thailand through a local partner

By integrating with Pagsmile you get access to a localized solution that covers all the bases to sell in Thailand, offer TrueMoney and other popular payment methods, get a direct connection with local payment players, market expertise, and regionalized fraud prevention.


Reach more consumers

Get access to connected users in Thailand that prefer to pay with their digital wallet accounts. A fast-growing base of millions of consumers is already using TrueMoney and could be potential customers of your products.

More security and convenience

All customer data is input in the digital wallet before starting to pay for their purchase, creating an extra layer of security in the authentication process, which is reflected in a great performance to the merchant.

Real-time confirmation

The merchant is notified as soon as the payment is completed in the digital wallet environment, and the customers don’t have to wait to receive confirmation of its purchase.

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