Digital Wallets

Latin America's digital wallets ecosystem is maturing fast

With Pagsmile, you will have access to digital wallets in many different countries, with one integration.

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Be an early adopter and reap the benefits

As digital payments grow around the world, we believe the adoption of e-wallets in Latin America is inevitable.

With the ever growing internet penetration and rapid increase of e-commerce due to the pandemic, people are looking for new, simpler user experiences. What's more, digital wallets are challenging the traditional financial system, that has for a long time left many unbanked in the region.

With secure, fast and convenient systems, more and more customers and merchants are adopting e-wallets. Be an early adopter and reap the benefits

We partner with your company all the way to success. From marketing strategies with KOLs to get your product discovered, to localized payments to have high conversions from your customers.





How e-wallets works

The customer journey:

Select digital wallet on the checkout page
A QR code is generated
Go to app
Payment is confirmed instantly


Expand your customer base

Get access to connected users that prefer to pay with their digital wallet accounts. A fast-growing base of millions of consumers is already using tpaga and could be potential customers of your products.

More security and convenience

All customer data is input in the digital wallet before starting to pay for their purchase, creating an extra layer of security in the authentication process, which is reflected in a great performance to the merchant.

Real-time confirmation for payments

The merchant is notified as soon as the payment is completed in the digital wallet environment, and the customers don't have to wait to receive confirmation of its purchase.

One integration, multiple wallets

When you integrate with tpaga now, your website will be ready for the upcoming wallets in Colombia.