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Increase acceptance and authorization with local acquiring

One API that connects your business to local acquirers.

Enjoy higher authorization rates, faster and unified settlement. Process payments like a local without headaches

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A must in Latin America

Acquirers enable companies to process credit card transactions and most of the cards in Latin America are bound to local schemes, therefore cannot operate international purchases.

Accepting only international cards associated to global schemes and international acquirers hinders your potential to a tiny part of the population.

Apart from augmenting market reach, processing with a local partner increases the approval rate to 70% or 90%.

Pagsmile can be your payment facilitator, processing the transactions on behalf of the Merchant. Your customers will pay in their local currency and you, receive funds anywhere in the world.

Fraud risk management

Pagsmile has data on local customer behavior and maintains close relationships with local players.

Our robust fraud prevention strategy provides merchants with a streamlined risk assessment with state of the art technology to guarantee a secure operation in Latin America.

Benefits for all stakeholders

When consumers make international purchases with a credit card, they need to pay taxes based on the exchange operation. With Pagsmile these taxes are a lot smaller because of how we operate, ensuring better prices for the customer.

Benefits for you and for your customers

Local acquiring

International and domestic card schemes
Transaction fee + FX
Secure transactions with regionalized risk management.
Best performance in payments with a direct connection to banks and local acquirers, Companies can reach the Total Available market by offering all local payment methods
Customer will have a local payment experience, purchasing as it would in a local e-commerce
Installments and recurring billing available
Users can see the price in local currency or international. They will always pay in their local currency

International acquiring

International schemes only
Interchange fee + International acquirer fee + International service assessment + scheme standard assessment
Lack of regionalized transaction security.
Worse performance in payments (since the issuing banks tend to refuse more transactions from international acquirers than local acquirers). Smaller access to the Total Available Market
Limited for those who own internationally enabled cards. The shopping experience is not localized
No installments and recurring billing limited to international cards
The merchant can even show the price in the local currency but the buyers will be paying in the currency from the merchant country.

Streamline your cross-border payments with a local partner

Pagsmile crafted a solution to manage the entire payment processes

Receive your funds anywhere

Pagsmile receives the funds from local acquirers and banks in local currency, then remits the funds in USD to wherever you like.

Intelligent Routing

Due to partnering with many local acquirers, we can choose the best way to carry out the transaction and guarantee the most efficient payment operation.

Financial reconciliation

Receive full financial reconciliation in many formats, which can be sent through different methods.

Direct integrations

Improve your approval rates by integrating with more acquirers and issuers. Guarantee redundancy and availability of payments through our connections in Latin America.