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Recurring payments

The subscription economy is grew 100% over the last five years* and is still booming due to recurring payments.

Big players have already included this feature to increase performance, revenue and customer retention with our technology and expertise.

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Augment your performance in recurring payments and subscriptions to quickly grow your business

Offer recurring payments with the right payment methods and full support for better performance with Pagsmile. We are ready to integrate with your application, website or third party subscription management platform to charge your customers according to your business model.

Wide acceptance

Pagsmile accepts any kind of recurrent payment in order to optimize approval rates.

One reconciliation for all

Sell in local currencies to 20 countries with more than 200 payment channels, and get your funds in USD wherever you want.

Support team 24/7

We have a specialized support team to serve you and make your implementation process painless.

Better payment acceptance

Acquiring redundancy that enhances and increases payment approval rates, protected by a local fraud and risk management solution.

Smart retry logic

By knowing the customer we can map purchase attempts in the life cycle and iterate the billing strategy.

Optimized sign up rates

Foster brand loyalty with a localized UX, that plainly shows purchase amounts in the local currencies, billing date formats, and terms and conditions.

Documentation that makes integration simple

We have a straightforward documentation to assist your dev team in getting the most of our solution.

Less canceled subscriptions

Tokenization prevents returning customers from inputting their information several times, lowering churn and abandonment rates.

Strong security measures for freemium solutions

Pagsmile works with you to eliminate fraudulent free trial requests through device fingerprinting, enrollment date and validation of personal data.

A payment platform that suits any kind subscription model

Our solution fits many subscription models available in the market and supports the demands of each company.

Time-based recurrent payments

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually

One-time payment

Charge for one time purchases

Promotions and Trials

Solicit payments with discounts

A payment platform that suits any kind of subscription or recurrent model

In Latin America these are the trends related to the quick adoption of recurring payments for these methods:

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets were already growing at a high pace when the pandemic came and accelerated its usage in e-commerce.

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Virtual Cards, Digital Wallets and Integrated Prepaid

Especially to enable e-commerce purchases, the integration of all three elements within the same provider is getting stronger

In Brazil, CAIXA's debit card with dynamic CVV, focused on card not present transactions (CNP) because of COVID-19 and it was a huge success.

Todito in Mexico is another example of integrated methods.

Digital wallet tpaga has a strong integration in Colombia.

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Instant Payments

This topic is quickly developing in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Mexico. Other governments are also moving towards deployment and adoption of this method.