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The major solution to grow your business in Latin America

Get your product discovered with our marketing campaigns, then offer the payment method the locals prefer for smooth adoption.

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Payment Solutions

With Pagsmile you can easily enable and disable international and domestic payment preferences


Our payout solution enables you to pay your sellers, affiliates and gig economy workers in the way they want to be paid. We handle the process with payees, in which they can fill out their own information and send documents through our platform, speeding-up the payment process for both parties with full transparency. In other words, Pagsmile is the link that streamlines the payment process for all parties.

Domestic payout
International payout
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Payment Processing

Pagsmile's payment processing solution empowers any merchant to collect local payments from their customers in any country where Pagsmile operates.

Payment processing with Domestic Settlement
Payment processing with International Settlement
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Full range of services to build a localized purchasing experience

In addition to providing an all-in-one localized payment platform, we assist our merchants in all the diverse aspects that are essential to succeed in Latin America.

Pagsmile Dashboard

All payments and payouts processed, in all countries, through all operational models in the same dashboard. Manage your business through a transparent and intuitive dashboard.

Anti fraud

Our localized smart fraud prevention strategy. We keep your operation safe, while balancing security with optimal payment performance, with a much lower chargeback rate region-wid

Customer Support

Provide your Latin American customers with the best service in their local languages across several different channels.

Localization Consulting

Understand cultural preferences, build brand awareness, and stay ahead of regulatory aspects from each country with regular access to Pagsmile Latin American experts.

Merchant Support

Get access to dedicated account management, data at a deep level, research, and efficient Merchant Operations.

Market Intelligence

With our Latin American expertise, we deliver market studies and research to help you from planning your go-to-market strategy to optimizing your revenue in the region.

All you need in one platform

One Operation

See what is domestic or international for each payment. Pagsmile gathers, organizes and divides the funds between stakeholders.

Optimized Money Flow

One reconciliation for multi-currency funds in LatAm. You are can improve your flow in regards to remittance costs, FX exposure and funding needs.

Local Payment Methods

Latin American consumers have preferred payment methods and behaviors. Many are unbanked, but still can afford and want to buy online. Offer them your products and services with safety.

Local Payment Methods
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Recurring Payments

Be like Netflix, Amazon and other succeeding companies and offer subscriptions to increase your recurring revenue in Latin American countries.

Recurring Payments
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Optimized Refund System

Pagsmile Dashboard grants you customizable and manageable refunds to kepe your clients happy with the customer experience.


Pagsmile has the industry-leading security certification:


Level 1

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For a personalized integration and total control.

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