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Go the extra mile with us and connect with your customers in their own languages.

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Our customers deserve great experiences

When doing business, not only understanding consumers, their journey and psychology, but also communicating with them time and again proves challenging for international brands.

In Latin America, most of the population speaks Spanish or Portuguese. In Brazil, 5% of the population speaks English. Shopping online from international Websites is in most cases unthinkable once customers are afraid of not being able to contact the merchant after the purchase.

International purchases need trust. A study identified that for 54% of respondents, the trust in international e-commerce stores is based on language. Users are not comfortable with shopping on a website that is not in their native language.

Pagsmile supports your customers in their native language to provide the best service, letting you focus on your business. We are always available to solve any problem or doubt the consumer may have along their journey.


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Ensure excellent consumer satisfaction and encourage new purchases

We are specialists who understand the countries' cultures and consumer journeys. Our customer service team is trained to manage all requests and doubts that the clients may have, making them feel safe and confident to keep buying from our merchants.

+150 people working to make your customer's experience even better.
100% of the customer support is via live chat, in real-time.
96% of customer satisfaction.

Pre-service filter within the chat

The user selects the topic of their doubt and gets access to a summarized content with the main information to clarify that specific problem.

Automatic refund flow

In this journey, the consumer can make all the refund process by themselves through the chat service. With the document number and the purchase amount, the user can view available refunds, check the status of refunds approved waiting for bank details, or refunds paid.

Help Center absorbs more than 90% of the customer's doubts
Only 9% of consumers prefer to contact an agent

Other features to provide a seamless payment experience

Payment email confirmation

Upon payment confirmation we automatically send an email to the consumer with all the details and information about the purchase.

Voucher sent by email

If a customer wants to pay by voucher, they will receive an email with the voucher that can be paid through online banking or cash.

Email reminder

Because voucher payment confirmations aren't in real-time, we remind the customer one day after sending the voucher.

Billing descriptor

To strengthen trust and diminish chargebacks, the merchant's name will appear on the credit card statement, making it easier for the shopper to remember the purchase.

Seamless payment experience

Our solution puts UX as the highest priority so that the consumer has an amazing purchase and payment experience.